what can we hydro dip?

If it can get wet, we can dip it!

If it has wheels, we can dip it! From cars, motorcycles, side by side ATVs, car audio, go karts, bicycles and whatever else. We can dip it!


We have you covered here too. Marine, fishing, tackle boxes, knives, and pretty much anything you can buy at Bass Pro Shop.


Let your imagination go wild! From XBOXes, Playstations, Ataris, to computers, laptop cases, phone cases. Again, if it can get wet, we can dip it!


Everything else we didn’t cover. Aviation, medical, household items, RVs and more.

About Us

About Soaring Eagle MotorSports & Hydrograhix
Simply put, we strive to provide an experience and product that is second to none.

In late 2016 Gary Campbell set out to create a new concept in hydro graphics...a customer-focused retail experience! Soaring Eagle MotorSports & Hydrograhix was founded to make a name in the industry using a more retail based, customer friendly business model. Using years of large corporate management experience, we took the knowledge of large retail business success and combined it with a customer friendly small business mentality. We set our goals and commitment to providing a high quality product focused on customer satisfaction.

  • Certification

    100% of our staff are certified by the industry leaders in Water Transfer Printing. This helps guarantee our customers are happy with their unique and custom project.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Seriously. Not 99%. We're not done until you're happy.

  • State-of-the-art Equipment

    We offer a premium experience. To do so, no short cuts were used or expenses spared in providing the latest technology in hydro dipping static processing equipment.

  • Premium Films

    We hand select all of our films to ensure your product is printed with the highest quality product available. Browse our films to see our complete collection for your next project.

Our Team

Gary Campbell
Gabriel Lopez
Ricardo Lechner


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